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Spas and Moore offers both Weekly Pool Maintenance and Pool Repair at Affordable Rates with Dependable Service. We have the experience necessary to keep you pool looking good and well maintained. We have been in business since 1986 and take pride in the work we do!

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Chemical Only
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This is a Year Round Weekly Service provided on the same day, by the same technician each week. We Test and Balance your pool chemicals, so your pool is clean and clear. Chemicals are Included*
If you can brush and clean your pool yourself, this is a great option. You don’t have to drive and pick up chemicals, have chemicals tested or store hazardous chemicals on your property.


Chemical Plus
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This service Includes the Chemical Only Service above, plus we:

  • Inspect and Clean Skimmer and Pump Baskets
  • Inspect and Clean Pool Sweep Bag
  • Brush Steps and Seating Areas
  • Check Pool Equipment


 Chemical Plus with Skimming
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This is a very popular Service if you have a working Pool Sweep.  This service Includes the Chemical Plus Service above, plus we:

  • Skim the leaves, debris and other material from the surface of the pool


Full Service
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This is the service to get if you have a good pool sweep. No more worries about cleaning your pool. It is a Full Service. Turn Key Solution to keeping your pool looking Good! This service Includes the Chemical Plus with Skimming Service above, plus we:

  • Net the Debris off the bottom of the pool


Full Service Plus Vacuuming
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This is your Full Service if you Don’t have a Pool Sweep or for some reason your pool needs vacuuming. It Includes all the services described above, plus:

  • Vacuum Pool as needed

 *Note for above Services: Specialty Chemicals are extra. We include all the basic chemicals and specialty chemicals are usually not needed. Also Filter Cleanings are extra

Pool Repair

Service Call $90
This is our Minimum Charge (Applied towards Repair if needed)

Note on Service Calls: We charge a Service Call to cover our time to drive out, diagnose the problem and in some cases, Fix the Problem. Simple repairs like: Prime Pump, Fix a bad wire, Replace bad fuses, Fix a simple plumbing leak, etc are usually just a Service Call plus maybe a few bucks for a fuse or basic plumbing parts. We try to give you Good Value on the Service Call.

My Pool and Spa Repair Techs have been with me for many years. They are factory trained and have a vast amount of experience in all aspects of your pool.

      • Pumps
      • Heaters
      • Controls
      • Plumbing
      • Leaks
      • Filters
      • Ozone
      • Inspections
      • Electrical

Note: Repairs are quoted as “Parts and Labor”